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Our Resource Center features special reports and whitepapers from Changing Our World, Inc.

Faith, Philanthropy, and the Future: An Original Study of Giving and Religious Institutions

We are an increasingly religiously diverse nation, with many intersections between religion and our commitment to community. Understanding how giving is spread across faith institutions, as well as nonprofits whose services may be non-religious, but whose affiliations are religious, will guide future understandings of how faith, philanthropy, and service to community intersect. The report examines how changes within the U.S. have affected religious giving and encourages further exploration and discussion in defining how this giving is measured.  Our findings provide a fuller picture of philanthropy in this sector, and help to inform funding strategy and tactics for religiously affiliated nonprofits.

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Faith, Philanthropy, and the Future

Different Faiths, Common Challenge: Maintaining the Affordability of a Faith-Based Education

The sustainability of religious private education is increasingly becoming a challenge in the United States due to factors including economic trends, growing competition, and the cost of private education. This whitepaper focuses on the financial affordability of both Jewish and Catholic private education, and the work being done in both communities to secure the future of their respective religious education systems. Featuring insight from Erik Goldschmidt of the Church in the 21st Century Center at Boston College and Dan Perla of the AVI CHAI Foundation, Changing Our World sets the groundwork for a continuous, meaningful conversation among the Jewish and Catholic communities regarding the challenges and potential solutions associated with the affordability of faith-based education.

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Religious School Funding Whitepaper

The Rise of Online Higher Education: Institutional Advancement Implications and Imperatives

Findings from Changing Our World's 2013 Fellowship

Online learning and massive open online courses ("MOOCs") are becoming increasingly popular, raising sector-wide questions about the ramifications of this digital trend. This report explores the issue through the lens of individual philanthropy and institutional advancement, and the possibilities and challenges presented.

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2013 Fellowship Report

Innovation and Catholic Service to Community

This whitepaper on Catholic Innovation examines the scope of Catholic institutional presence on the societal commons of the United States and their economic importance.  The paper also documents the leadership of Catholic institutions in innovative areas of modern social finance, from enterprise to microfinance, which have both created new revenue opportunities for financing social services and broadened and strengthened the social reach of these institutions.

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Catholic Innovation Philanthropy

A New Chessboard: The Changing Landscape of Business and Society

Findings from Changing Our World's 2012 Fellowship

While advances in corporate social engagement have been inspiring, the economic challenges of the last four years, as well as global industrial integration, also promise a corporate future that may be very different from the past.  This report steps outside the boundaries of what we know today and challenges readers to consider the larger forces at play, which will profoundly alter the landscape on which corporate social engagement currently exists.

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Corporate Social Investment

Vital Organ-izations?  The Viability of the Nonprofit Healthcare Business Model

Product of University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business

In the spring of 2012, Changing Our World’s Chief Executive Officer, Brian Crimmins, and Executive Vice President, Dr. Susan Raymond, were asked to serve as mentors for a team of students at the Mendoza School of Business of the University of Notre Dame for a research project on the future business structure of nonprofits in light of social capital trends.   

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Notre Dame Whitepaper Cover

The Index of Global Philanthropy and Remittances 2012

Hudson Institute Center for Global Prosperity

New data at the end of the global recession in 2010 show strong gains in philanthropy and remittances from developed to developing countries, according to the 2012 Index of Global Philanthropy and Remittances, released April 2, 2012 by Hudson Institute's Center for Global Prosperity. Look for Dr. Susan Raymond's work featured on page 9! 

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GPI Cover for Web.jpg

The Public Finance Crisis:  Can Philanthropy Shoulder the Burden?

By Susan Raymond, Ph.D., Sally Schiff, Jason Simons

For many nonprofits, the last two decades have brought increased financial interdependence with state and Federal sources of support as they have become the critical partners of public programs.  Changing Our World's research has sought to examine the impact of the public financial crises for states on nonprofit organizations. We have sought to examine the severity of the budget crises for different states, how those crises ultimately affect the bottom line of nonprofit organizations, how philanthropy has responded, and equally important, what are the practical lessons learned for nonprofits and steps that can be taken to avoid such utter dependence and strengthen current revenues. 

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 public finance cover 2

Sustaining Urban Catholic Elementary Schools: An Examination of Governance Models and Funding Strategies

By Erik P. Goldschmidt, Ph.D., M.Div., Mary E. Walsh, Ph.D.

Nearly half of Catholic elementary schools have closed in the United States since their peak in the 1960s. This alarming rate appears to be the result of increased cost of running a school. These challenges are compounded in the urban centers where families are unable to pay increasing tuition costs and parishes lack adequate resources to support a school.  This report examines the governance models and funding strategies currently in use by urban Catholic elementary schools.  The Catholic Alumni Partnership, a development program designed and implemented by Changing Our World, is featured in section 3.5. 

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cap whitepaper

The Young and the Relentless: An Original Survey of the Next Generation of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leaders

By Susan Raymond, Ph.D., Sally Schiff, Katherine Amore
The nonprofit and philanthropic sectors must take a close look at how demographic shifts impact future leadership. Three pivotal trends retirement eligibility for Baby Boomers, the anticipation of significant executive director vacancies among nonprofits, and the influence of the economic crisis on the employment context - are shaping the competitive environment all sectors must confront in attracting the next generation to high-level management and leadership positions. Who are the emerging leaders? What do they expect from their careers? Changing Our World, Inc., is pleased to announce the findings of its first signature survey; The Young and the Relentless: An Original Survey of the Next Generation of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leaders. The survey answers these and other critical questions that must be examined to understand how to prepare the next generation of leadership for the role they must play.
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The Young and the Relentless - Thumbnail Cover

Global Philanthropy: The Ties that Bind

By Susan Raymond, Ph.D.
The spread of philanthropic leadership private individuals, corporations, and foundations around the world has created the opportunity for commitment to community to become a growing expectation among peoples and among world powers. In the next two decades, philanthropy will become the tie that binds leaders to communities and leaders across nations.
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Global Philanthropy - Thumbnail Cover

From Here to Eternity:
A Briefing on Trends in U.S. Catholic Philanthropy

By Susan Raymond, Ph.D.
Philanthropy in the United States has long been a part of faith-based communities. Understanding trends in faith-based nonprofit institutions is an essential part of understanding philanthropy as a whole today. This report addresses Roman Catholic philanthropy and nonprofits, and illustrates the flows of hundreds of millions of charitable dollars, the challenges being faced by Catholic philanthropy, and the opportunities that lie ahead.
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Private Education Study:
Funding the Changing Face of Private Education

By Susan Raymond, Ph.D.
Private independent schools educate more than 6 million young people every year, a number that has increased by 14% since 1980. There are both challenges and opportunities for private schools seeking to bolster their fundraising revenue a source of income that is crucial to their continued excellence in a deeply challenged economy.
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Enabling the Progress of the Mind:
The Future of Philanthropy in Higher Education in America

By Susan Raymond, Ph.D.
Written and researched by Dr. Susan Raymond, the report pays particular attention to the changing role of philanthropy in higher education finance, and, importantly, the impact on philanthropic strategies from changes in higher education trends in the nation.
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Nonprofit Hospitals in America: Lives, Jobs and Philanthropy

By Susan Raymond, Ph.D.
Changing Our World, Inc. and onPhilanthropy present Nonprofit Hospitals in America: Lives, Jobs and Philanthropy by Dr. Susan Raymond, This exclusive, proprietary study combines an in-depth examination of the trends in and economic impact of America's nonprofit hospital industry with data on the fundamental role of philanthropy in sustaining its vitality.
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The End of Definitions:
A Briefing on Innovation in Revenue and Grantmaking Among Nonprofits and Philanthropies

By Susan Raymond, Ph.D. and Tom Watson
The nonprofit and philanthropic sectors are sailing into uncharted waters. Philanthropists are combining commercial approaches with the donated dollar and, in the process, redefining what it means to "give" to social causes. Nonprofits now rely on private contributions for less than a third of their revenues; marketing is vying with mission as a central management concern. Entirely new financial instruments and institutions are emerging. Bonds and equity are finding places next to traditional capital campaigns as a source of nonprofit finance and as an embodiment of donor strategy.
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