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Fundraising Case Studies

Our consultants design and implement fundraising solutions that have effectively strengthened nonprofit institutions time and time again. Here are a few examples of the personalized programs we’ve developed for a wide variety of clients.

AIDS Project Los Angeles

AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) is one of the top three HIV service and prevention organizations in the country. Its programs and services promote self-sufficiency for people living with HIV/AIDS, to support positive medical outcomes, and to keep people living with HIV/AIDS in care and treatment programs. Changing Our World partnered with APLA to conduct an audit of its multifaceted fundraising program and an e-philanthropy analysis, develop a planned giving program, and create a strategic plan to further institutional support of APLA’s growing international efforts

The Archdiocese of New York

The Archdiocese of New York is one of the strongest and most diverse communities of the faithful in the United States. To celebrate its 200th year anniversary, the Archdiocese embarked on a major fundraising effort and engaged Changing Our World to assist them in this historic endeavor. Following a four-month intensive campaign planning study, the Archdiocese launched Through Faith We Grow, The Archdiocese of New York’s Bicentennial Campaign. The Campaign raised more than $220 million from an Archdiocesan-wide parish based effort to fund a multitude of capital and program needs and a leadership gifts effort to establish endowment funds for vital ministries such as Catholic education, Catholic Charities, St. Joseph’s Seminary, and priest retirement. This successful campaign represents the largest fundraising effort in the history of the Archdiocese.

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Department of Catholic Schools (DCS)

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Department of Catholic Schools (DCS) has embarked on a concerted effort to return its archdiocesan and parish high schools to health and vitality by reducing student attrition, increasing recruitment and establishing financial stability. Extensive work has been done to improve the marketing function at the high schools, with significant training, a centralized marketing data site, clear goals and accountabilities, and regular meetings of marketing directors to share best practices. Changing Our World was engaged by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Department of Catholic Schools to conduct a comprehensive analysis of four years of school data to assess progress and identify remaining challenges for the capacity building effort. 

Through our work, Changing Our World determined the performance of the high schools in their development efforts, identified those that are making progress and those that are lagging; identified how further capacity-building can be targeted to the continued specific needs of schools, both those that have seen success and those that have lagged, based on their characteristics and developed a dashboard of indicators that can capture in a clear and efficient way a continuous picture of progress of the schools.

The Athenaeum of Ohio/Mount St. Mary’s Seminary

Following the completion of a feasibility study in November 2008, Changing Our World began the implementation of a twenty-month comprehensive campaign for The Athenaeum of Ohio/Mount St. Mary’s Seminary. The campaign addressed four key investments: critical capital improvements, strengthening the endowment, growing the annual fund, and increasing funding for vocations and student recruitment. In conjunction with fulfilling these needs, an outreach and marketing effort that expanded across the Archdiocese of Cincinnati was initiated to increase awareness and support. The campaign entered the public phase in May 2010 and concluded in late 2010 with more than $20 million raised, surpassing its $16 million goal. The success of the campaign helped to ensure the financial stability and future sustainability of The Athenaeum of Ohio.

BronxWorks and the Robin Hood Foundation

For nearly four decades, BronxWorks (formerly known as Citizens Advice Bureau) has persevered at the forefront of societal change in the Bronx. Home to the poorest Congressional District in the country, the borough has been consistently aided by this vital and responsible nonprofit serving people of all ages and backgrounds at vulnerable points in their lives. Every year, BronxWorks helps more than 35,000 people at nearly 30 locations – impressive numbers, to be sure. In 2010, Changing Our World was engaged by BronxWorks and the Robin Hood Foundation to develop a private philanthropy plan. Specifically, our consultants were tasked with creating multiple year strategies and tactics for increasing support from individual donors and corporations, and providing suggestions for structuring the development department to support these efforts.

Changing the culture of philanthropy from one that was overly reliant on government grants to one that embraced private philanthropy was a challenge; it was approached as a ground up/top down change – from the administrative team to the program team to the Board of Directors. Meetings were held with each group, their roles and responsibilities discussed, and all were encouraged to take ownership of their roles in building relationships with corporations, foundations and individual donors. A second challenge was recognizing that BronxWorks was not a philanthropic priority for most Board members; this challenge was addressed by recommending additional members who would commit time, talent and treasure.

As a result of our partnership, BronxWorks reaped the following benefits from its 2010 end of year appeal:

  • Giving increased by 114% over 2009
  • Board giving increased by 122% over 2009
  • The number of appeal gifts increased by 20%
  • Five new major donors were secured

Measures of effectiveness included three-year benchmarks to which the internal team could be measured against including, for example, number of donor visits per month.

For BronxWorks, the development planning process transformed the Board and staff’s understanding of private philanthropy and helped elevate its importance in the creation of a robust and diverse revenue strategy.

California State Parks

While New York’s Central Park, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, and Chicago’s Millennium Park have come to define those cities, Los Angeles has never had an iconic park to represent its cultural, natural, and industrial leadership. Today, the State of California is preparing to launch a public-private partnership to develop Los Angeles State Historic Park into a world-class park, worthy of the City of Angels. With a breathtaking, unobstructed view of the downtown skyline, Los Angeles State Historic Park will become a place where residents and visitors alike can gather for events, cultural and historic interpretive exhibits, and recreation activities. To share this history with visitors near and far, Los Angeles State Historic Park will become a living, breathing place that salutes the past, present, and future a place where the City’s diversity can be recognized and honored. In its effort to establish an urban footprint in downtown Los Angeles, California State Parks Foundation engaged Changing Our World to conduct a feasibility and planning study to guide the development of a fundraising plan for Los Angeles State Historic Park at Los Angeles’ historic ‘cornfield’ rail yards. The project, which included over 75 interviews with Los Angeles’ civic and philanthropic community, led to an intensive leadership development phase which will support the long-term expansion of park efforts.

Camphill Special School

Changing Our World conducted a capital campaign feasibility study for Camphill Special School, located in Glenmoore, PA. Camphill Special School, the only Waldorf school for children with developmental disabilities, was seeking to construct a new early childhood center at the school and to build two new residences and an education and resource center for their Transition Program at Beaver Farm. Upon completion of the study, Changing Our World recommended a fundraising goal of $2.5 million. Under our campaign management, the school raised north of $3.1 million toward the campaign. As a result of a successful campaign and favorable debt financing, the new buildings opened to the students in the fall of 2011.

Catholic Alumni Partnership

The Catholic Alumni Partnership (CAP) was launched among eight archdioceses and dioceses and 352 elementary schools in late 2009 to help Catholic elementary schools reengage their alumni and, through this reengagement, generate the financial and volunteer support necessary to help keep Catholic elementary schools flourishing and vibrant. It has since grown to include more than 450 schools in ten dioceses and archdioceses across the country.

CAP was designed by Changing Our World to determine the feasibility of implementing strong, sustainable annual fundraising programs for participating elementary schools, and to provide the development tools and resources necessary to enable each school to identify, cultivate and solicit their alumni for ongoing support of their mission.

Changing Our World’s research shows that 82% of elementary school alumni would give to their schools if contacted. Information gleaned during the CAP planning study serves the dual purpose of testing the program, while also identifying natural affinities that exist between Catholic school alumni and their alma mater, thereby providing invaluable knowledge for the strategy of fundraising efforts focused on securing alumni support.

Since the inception of CAP participating schools that implemented the program have collectively raised over $10,000,000 from over 57,000 gifts with an average gift size of approximately $145.

Changing Our World has implemented the CAP program in the following Archdioceses and Dioceses across the country:

  • Archdiocese of Boston
  • Archdiocese of Chicago
  • Archdiocese of Hartford
  • Archdiocese of Los Angeles
  • Archdiocese of New York
  • Diocese of Bridgeport
  • Diocese of Brooklyn
  • Diocese of Buffalo
  • Diocese of Norwich
  • Diocese of Rockville Centre
  • Diocese of Trenton

Central Catholic High School

Central Catholic was established in 1927 and is a Lasallian, all boys high school based in Pittsburgh, PA.  St. John Baptist de La Salle, a founder of Lasallian education, believed that all people should have access to quality education, despite their financial circumstances.  It is with this mantra that Central Catholic is embarking on a campaign in support of scholarship aid, a new STEM education facility, and capital improvements.  Central Catholic High School engaged Changing Our World to provide campaign management counsel. To date, more than $20 million has been raised towards a $27 million campaign goal. Changing Our World conducted an in-depth review of Central Catholic’s constituents, including a wealth screening, secondary wealth screening, peer reviews and local mapping techniques to identify the next tier of constituents most likely to support the campaign.  Concurrently, Changing Our World has identified and recruited key volunteers to assist the Principal with key solicitations.  In later phases, Changing Our World will create strategies for small-group campaign receptions, recruit Decade Champions to encourage participation, and ultimately design a mass mail appeal for those constituents who have yet to make a gift.

College of Mount Saint Vincent

Founded by the Sisters of Charity of New York in 1847, the College of Mount Saint Vincent was the first women’s college in New York City, in the decades before colleges and universities were open to women. It afforded its students the life-changing opportunity to pursue careers of extraordinary achievement and service. The college became coeducational in 1974, and today, as an academically excellent, authentically inclusive, Catholic and ecumenical liberal arts college, it continues to uphold the mission entrusted to it by the Sisters of Charity. To advance this mission, the college sought the services of Changing Our World and, in partnership, re-engineered the college’s fundraising program over a two-year period. Upon completion of this intensive effort, the college engaged Changing Our World to conduct a campaign feasibility and planning study and, based on the study’s findings, launched the Building Our Future campaign. This successful fundraising effort raised more than $26 million surpassing the $18 million goal.

Diocese of Brooklyn

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, serving 1.4 million Catholics in Brooklyn and Queens, is the only completely urban diocese in the United States. The Diocese of Brooklyn engaged Changing Our World, Inc. to lead a diocesan-wide, parish-focused effort the Parish Support Program in the more than 190 parishes that comprise the Diocese. The goal in each parish was three-fold: increase weekly collections; with each parish’s lay leadership, educate parishioners on the financial standing of their parishes and on taking ownership as its stewards; and register more parishioners to use offertory envelopes. Changing Our World conducted individualized, tailored six-week programs in each parish. The project has successfully increased the parish collections diocesan-wide by more than 24%. As the final parishes conduct their campaigns, Changing Our World has provided completed parish with best practices on maintenance and renewal as well as next steps in order to sustain the increase achieved.

Diocese of Rockville Centre

Changing Our World partnership with the Diocese of Rockville Centre on developing and implementing a fundraising program for the 2009 Catholic Ministries Appeal (CMA), with a particular focus on increasing financial support at the parish level, and from corporations and foundations. By improving longstanding solicitation strategies, instituting new initiatives designed to grow the total number of donors, working with staff to solicit major gifts and instituting a strategy to appeal to local businesses, the CMA finished 2009 ahead in both pledges and monies raised.

Green Meadow Waldorf School

Changing Our World conducted a feasibility and planning study for the Green Meadow Waldorf School in Chestnut Ridge, NY. We tested a goal of $3.5 million to fund renovations to the Arts Building, Gymnasium, High School Common Room and Science Lab. After a three month study, we recommended a working goal of $2.5 million. Under the management of Changing Our World, the capital campaign exceeded its goal, successfully raising more than $3.4 million in gifts and pledges. As a result, the new Arts Building will opened in the winter of 2012.

Elizabeth Seton High School

Nestled on a 24-acre campus in Bladensburg, Maryland, Elizabeth Seton High School was founded in 1959 by the Daughters of Charity as a Catholic, college preparatory school for young women. Today, the school is the only all-girls Catholic High School in the Archdiocese of Washington, DC that offers a devoted curriculum in STEM. Following an audit of Elizabeth Seton High School’s development operations, Changing Our World was engaged to deliver ongoing targeted fundraising assistance in the areas of: Major Gifts, Annual Appeal, Digital Philanthropy Board Development and overall strategic development planning. Through the engagement Changing Our World assisted in forming a Development Committee to engage community members in Elizabeth Seton High School’s mission. Changing Our World has also launched the first Planned Giving program in school history. Following Changing Our World’s engagement with Elizabeth Seton High School the Development office raised over $700,000 – twice their annual.

The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)

The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) is the premier college for art, design, business and technology in New York City. Growing out of a need for an “MIT for the fashion industries,” the school was established in 1944 to encourage innovation and passion among tomorrow’s industry leaders. As a college within the State University of New York public school system, FIT raises funds and receives donations through its foundation, the Educational Foundation for the Fashion Industries. FIT engaged Changing Our World to build its fundraising capacity and prepare the college for a major capital campaign. Changing Our World conducted an in-depth assessment of the foundation’s current systems and infrastructure, fundraising programs, and governance. In the two years since Changing Our World began its work with FIT, the foundation has gained new governing leadership from among the upper echelon of the retail and fashion industries, broadened its fundraising programs to include the launch of the first Annual Fund, and conducted initial outreach to alumni. Changing Our World created, and is currently working to implement the Foundation’s first comprehensive development program which corresponds with the college’s ten year strategic plan.

The Hereditary Disease Foundation

Causing involuntary movements in all parts of the body, severe emotional disturbance, and progressive cognitive loss, Huntington’s disease creates both physical and emotional stress on an individual and a family. As an inherited, degenerative disorder of the brain, the disease progresses without remission over 15-20 years and is always fatal. No treatments exist. Symptoms usually appear in the third or fourth decade of life, but can strike children as young as two or adults as old as 80. Each child of an affected parent has a 50% chance of inheriting the illness. The Hereditary Disease Foundation was founded in 1968 and is dedicated to finding a cure for Huntington’s disease and related disorders. The HDF’s unique combination of creating and funding innovative, strategic research has sparked an explosion of knowledge. Collectively, the HDF scientists have created a vast, international, collaborative effort that is markedly shortening the journey toward a cure. Formed forty years ago with roots in the entertainment industry, the Foundation had relied on a limited network of celebrities and high net worth individuals for its resources. Changing Our World was engaged to assess the possibilities for extending its fundraising network. The engagement included a Board assessment and Board development, the development of a planned giving strategy, and support to both major gifts acquisition and to several high-profile events in New York, Seattle and in Hollywood.

Molloy College

Under Changing Our World’s direction, Molloy College embarked on a successful capital campaign with two major goals: 1) to build a new 65,000 square foot student center, called the ‘Public Square,’ along with Molloy’s first residence hall, and 2) to raise much needed monies for endowed scholarships. Raising $20 million toward the campaign’s $12 million goal, the campaign’s success enabled Molloy College to build on its 50-year legacy and reach new heights of educational excellence.

The National 4-H Council

The 4-H movement in the United States is a direct product of the agricultural extension system. Created through the extension services and land grant universities to encourage new farming practices by focusing on the innovative spirit of rural youth, 4-H began as the youth program in agricultural extension. A century later, the 4-H legacy now includes 6 million youth served each year and more than 60 million alumni. 4-H can be found in every county in every state, as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and over 80 countries around the world. 4-H’ers participate in fun, hands-on learning activities, supported by the latest research of land-grant universities, that are focused on three areas: Science, Engineering and Technology; Healthy Living; and Citizenship. Changing Our World has partnered with the National 4-H Council to design and activate a global resource development plan that will increase the capacity of, and linkages between, 4-H partners around the world and, in so doing, better enable 4-H to realize its mission going forward.

Research Corporation for Science Advancement

Founded in 1912, the Research Corporation for Science Advancement (RCSA) is the second-oldest foundation in the United States and the oldest foundation for science advancement. For nearly 100 years RCSA has funded transformative research by investing in early career scientists, who consistently make important science breakthroughs, improve the quality of student learning and encourage student persistence in science through the integration of research and teaching. Cognizant that America has been losing ground in science and that talent pipeline issues are intensifying, RCSA partnered with Changing Our World to explore philanthropic options that would allow it to grow its programs and pursue a new solar energy initiative. Changing Our World studied RCSA’s potential to engage philanthropic partners in its programs and, therefore, expand its ability to impact the way in which early scientific research is supported in the United States. Rather than institute a traditional giving program, RCSA and Changing Our World are preparing to launch a partnership office to leverage money in collaboration with like-minded foundations and corporate partners. This approach is tailored to RCSA’s unique history and institutional culture, supporting its desire to improve communication across academic disciplines and sectors while growing its resource base.

The Pike School

The Pike School is an independent, coeducational day school located on 35 woodland acres in Andover, Massachusetts.  The inaugural 1926 class of six students taught by Cynthia E. Pike now has more than 2,000 alumni.  The Pike School currently enrolls over 400 students from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade Nine.  Small class size and individual attention allow for social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of the students within the context of the school community.  

To further strengthen Pike’s ability to educate students from diverse backgrounds in an enriching environment, Changing Our World was engaged to conduct a feasibility and planning study for the organization.  Based on the self-specified gift levels and our own analysis of the findings, Changing Our World recommended that Pike has the potential to raise $4 million for a major fundraising campaign if certain critical activities take place.  These action steps included: prioritizing its fundraising needs and fleshing out their scope and impact; obtaining the Board’s endorsement and buy-in; securing leadership donors whose giving would support a campaign goal of this magnitude; as well as cultivating and educating donors and prospects on the impact of their philanthropy in anticipation of the public phase of the campaign.

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Changing Our World’s engagement with New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) began in the Spring of 2007 with the implementation of a feasibility study to assess the potential for a multimillion dollar fundraising campaign.  Undertaken in concert with the release of the president’s five-year strategic vision, the study findings led NJIT to move forward with the planning phase for a major fundraising initiative.  Following the feasibility study, Changing Our World worked with the University as it launched NJIT NEXT, a $150 million comprehensive campaign.  

As New Jersey’s premier public technological research university, NJIT leads the way in applying new technologies and approaches to enhance the educational experience in the classroom, the lab, and the studio.  In our knowledge-based economy, where technology defines the direction of virtually every industry, the mission of NJIT has never been so important nor its impact so clear. 

Today, Changing Our World, in conjunction with NJIT leadership, is working to build and strengthen its relationships, engage current and future leadership and ensure the overall growth in philanthropic investment in the University.  These efforts have helped transform the campus and its surrounding community and, with more than $145 million raised towards its ambitious goal, positioned NJIT to become “tomorrow’s University.”

Robert Morris University

Robert Morris University, founded in 1921 as the Pittsburgh School of Accountancy, now serves nearly 5,500 undergraduate and graduate students across five schools. Robert Morris engaged Changing Our World to assess their internal and external readiness for their next comprehensive campaign. Following an internal assessment, including interviews with key administration and each of the Deans, Changing Our World interviewed key external constituents as part of a feasibility and planning study. Concurrent with these external interviews, an analysis of Robert Morris’ development and alumni relations function was conducted, with a particular focus on the relationship between alumni events and financial support. Quantitative and qualitative findings were synthesized into a detailed report and campaign plan. Robert Morris has re-engaged Changing Our World to assist in the implementation of recommendations surrounding capacity building, retooling gift officer prospect portfolios and refocusing alumni events strategy as they move into the silent phase of their next campaign.

The Rudolf Steiner School

The Rudolf Steiner School of New York City engaged Changing Our World to conduct a six-month audit of its fundraising program and create a new three-year development plan. During the engagement, Changing Our World interviewed key stakeholders of the school to assess its internal needs and capacity. Upon the completion of the audit, Changing Our World was retained to provide high level fundraising counsel and assistance with the implementation of the development plan, successfully guiding the Rudolf Steiner School to the two most successful fundraising years in its history, raising more $820,000 school year, and over $900,000 respectively. Changing Our World also provided oversight during the recruitment, hiring, and transitioning of a new Director of Development.

Sacred Heart Academy

In 2009, Changing Our World began work with Sacred Heart Academy, an all-girls Catholic high school founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph. Located on Long Island, New York, Sacred Heart has a reputation for holding the highest academic standards while instilling values of virtue and religion on its 10,000 graduates over the past 60 years. The school, which serves more than 900 students, partnered with Changing Our World to establish the underpinnings for a strong development program. Working closely with Sacred Heart staff and Board members, Changing Our World led a development program planning process to guide the installation of key capacity-building components that positioned Sacred Heart to implement a solid and sustainable development program.

Subsequently, Changing Our World was re-engaged by Sacred Heart to conduct a feasibility and planning study for a fundraising campaign to expand the school’s physical plant, extend the professional development of the faculty, and amplify the science and technology academic programs. Based on the study’s findings, Changing Our World recommended Sacred Heart move forward with a $5 million campaign goal. Once again, Sacred Heart Academy engaged Changing Our World to assist in the implementation of the Building the Dream Capital Campaign. Through this initiative, the school secured the largest gift in the school’s history, raised more than $5 million, and completed construction of the school’s first athletic field.

Scranton Preparatory School

Scranton Preparatory School completed The Defining Moment Capital Campaign with the assistance of Changing Our World as fundraising counsel. Capitalizing on an historic tradition of giving and a dedicated leadership team, Scranton Preparatory School raised more than $22,000,000 for the opening of the school’s new Arts and Science Building. This campaign helped to secure Scranton Prep’s prominence as one of the premier regional preparatory schools in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

St. John’s Preparatory School

Founded in 1870 by the Vincentian Fathers, St. John’s Preparatory School is a co-educational college preparatory school located in Astoria, Queens. The school is affiliated with St. John’s University and is committed to upholding the traditions and ideas of Catholic education. Changing Our World worked closely with St. John’s Prep leadership to develop and implement a sound and sustainable development plan. The scope of work included: developing a case for support that articulated the school’s vision, needs and aspirations for the future; preparing in-depth research profiles on the top prospects; and creating personalized solicitation briefings to be used during each solicitation visit.

Despite its rich history, prior to our engagement, St. John’s Preparatory had never executed organized fundraising. Contributions were given and leaders were engaged, however “the ask” was not taking place in a formal structure. The school had made the correct investments in alumni and development resources and tools – three full-time staff members and an established financial reporting system through Blackbaud. Changing Our World worked with the school to establish an OnDemand relationship with Blackbaud for the Raiser’s Edge and taught staff how to use their data more effectively. This new structure and use of technology, while a challenge, was rivaled by the task of crafting messages for three different schools. During the 1970s, as many Catholic schools became co-educational in New York, St. John’s Prep merged with an existing co-ed school and relocated. Maintaining the identity of the original school, while also integrating messaging to the traditional base, was a challenge that was overcome through proper segmentation and customized solicitations. Changing Our World recruited solicitors whose history was tied to the original building and/or school name. This step was important for the school to maintain an identity with the former schools while also celebrating the needs of the new, merged, and co-educational entity.

As a result of these efforts, Changing Our World assisted St. John’s Prep in successfully creating a major gift effort including a planned giving program. Over a two-year period, these focused actions led to an increase in the school’s annual fundraising efforts by 124 percent.

St. John’s Riverside Hospital

St. John’s Riverside Hospital is a comprehensive network of health care services that extends from Yonkers to the riverfront communities of Hastings on Hudson, Dobbs Ferry, Ardsley and Irvington. With roots in the community that date back nearly 140 years, St. John’s was the first hospital in Westchester County. To secure its position as a leader in providing the highest quality and compassionate health care utilizing the latest state-of-the-art medical technology, St. John’s launched the Riverside 2010, a capital campaign that raised the financial support needed to significantly expand the hospital’s services within the Operating Room, Chest Pain Center, Cardiac Catherization Lab, Inpatient services, Private medical/surgical rooms, and Obstetrical Services, as well as create a new Cancer Infusion Center. The success of this campaign has enabled St. John’s to continue its commitment to excellence and a long and proud tradition of responding to the changing and diverse health care needs of the communities it serves.

St. Mary’s High School

Changing Our World conducted an assessment and analysis of St. Mary’s College Preparatory High School’s development program and offered recommendations that served to strengthen existing programs as well as cultivate relationships with alumni and other constituents. Changing Our World’s engagement with St. Mary’s High School included: an assessment of the annual fund; a case for support; a database screening and analysis; donor identification and prioritization assistance; personal interviews; an analysis and recommendations on approaching foundations and a 12-month fundraising plan. As a result of this engagement, St. Mary’s significantly increased the number of donors participating in their fundraising efforts and had an increase in fundraising revenue of more than 300 percent over a 12-month period.

Summit Country Day School

The Summit Country Day School is a prestigious independent Catholic school located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The school has maintained a proud legacy of excellence through a coeducational learning experience for students from Montessori preschool through grade 12 throughout the metropolitan Cincinnati area and will celebrate its 125th Anniversary in September 2015. A nationally recognized leader in character education, The Summit offers a compelling combination of small classes, caring faculty, academic rigor, and strong spiritual values.

Changing Our World embarked upon a twelve-month engagement with The Summit in February 2014. The goals of the engagement were two-fold: 1) a $18.6 million Aiming Higher comprehensive campaign in support of ‘Building the Campus’ through capital improvements, ‘Ensuring the Future’ through the endowment and ‘Strengthening Excellence’ through the annual fund; and, 2) capacity building services to further enhance development efforts. Through this engagement fundraising success was achieved, the philanthropic culture of the school was enhanced and development efforts were enriched. Following the conclusion of the first engagement, The Summit re-engaged Changing Our World to continue providing support services for the Aiming Higher Campaign. In April 2015, Aiming Higher publicly launched with a total of $14 million raised toward the $18.6 million goal.

The Waldorf School of Garden City

Upon the completion of a campaign feasibility study for the Waldorf School of Garden City, Changing Our World was retained to conduct the school’s first comprehensive capital campaign. The school successfully completed Opening Worlds of Opportunity – A Campaign for the Waldorf School to increase scholarship and endowment funds, make capital improvements to the campus, renovate and expand the library and make critical improvements to its extension campus, Camp Glen Brook in Marlborough, NH. Prior to its relationship with Changing Our World, the school had never raised more than $150,000 for a special campaign. With the assistance of Changing Our World, the school raised $2.7 million. This represented the single largest fundraising initiative for the school since its founding in 1947.

UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School

UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School is Ireland’s leading business school and research center offering a world-class MBA, leading PhD program, a wide range of specialist Masters for both business and non-business graduates as well as Executive Development courses. For more than nine years, Changing Our World led the school’s fundraising efforts in the United States. The North American Development Office was established after Changing Our World, in partnership with the school’s leadership, created a North American Development plan.

Changing Our World then staffed and executed the comprehensive plan through a variety of fundraising mechanisms including in-depth research, relationship management, proposal writing, event planning and execution, and Board Development. A strong North American Board was built that raised funds for the school through Endowed Chairs and Scholarships. With Changing Our World’s insight and guidance, the North American Board provided the Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School with the necessary leadership to build a strong US presence. The roots established during Changing Our World’s tenure have helped to establish a firm footing for the school’s continued fundraising success in the United States.

World Vision

Since its creation in 1950, World Vision has become the largest U.S.-based international relief and development organization. It now serves over 100 million people in nearly 100 countries around the globe. World Vision’s programs work to combat the root causes of poverty, elevate the living standard of children and their families, and respond quickly when disaster strikes. In the United States, World Vision works in 11 major urban and rural areas, giving hope to those in need and resources to those who are leading the way in the fight against poverty here at home. Changing Our World is currently partnering with World Vision US on an intensive effort to elevate the role of major gifts fundraising. In addition to assisting with the design and implementation of a comprehensive major gifts plan, Changing Our World is training and equipping World Vision’s major donor representatives throughout the country with the necessary tools and skills to achieve their new fundraising goals.

Xavier High School

For more than 150 years, Xavier High School has been one of the premier Jesuit High Schools in New York City. In late 2002, after the completion of a feasibility study conducted by Changing Our World, Stand So All the World Can See, the campaign for Xavier, was launched. The campaign objective was to secure the school’s continued growth and excellence by expanding its endowed resources, increasing professional development opportunities for faculty and staff, and creating a reserve fund for facility and technological enhancements. The initial goal of $8 million was quickly surpassed at the outset, and goal increased to $10 million, then $12.5 million. Over two years, Changing Our World led Xavier through its most successful fundraising campaign in its long history. More than $14 million was secured in gifts and pledges from alumni, parents and friends.