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December 28, 2017

World War I Centennial Commission


Established by an act of the 112th Congress and signed by President Obama in 2013, the United States World War I Centennial Commission was created to lead commemorative programs across the country in recognition of the 100-year anniversary of America’s involvement in the First World War.  In 2016, Changing Our World partnered with the Commission to provide counsel in the implementation of a $50,000,000 fundraising campaign to support the design and construction of the first-ever National World War I Memorial in Washington, D.C.


The project presented unique challenges as there are no living veterans to advocate for the building of a national memorial.  As a result, securing interest and financial support required extensive research, analysis, and creative strategies to engage prospective funders.


Since fundraising efforts actively began for the Memorial, Changing Our World has designed and implemented personalized, data-driven outreach strategies to engage prospective individuals, foundations, corporations, and governments in close collaboration with the Commission’s leadership and advisory boards led by former flag-rank military officers, diplomats, and business executives.  As a result of these efforts, Changing Our World has assisted the Commission in securing several six and seven-figure commitments from leading individuals and organizations.  Thanks to the support that has been secured to date, construction of the Memorial is now underway.


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