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Our Publications Center features special reports and whitepapers from Changing Our World, Inc.

Designing for Sustained Impact

Dr. Susan Raymond

Design thinking empowers nonprofits to transform the case for support from a listing of needs to a strategy for solutions. Changing Our World’s latest white paper, Designing for Sustained Impact, walks readers through a step-by-step process for utilizing design thinking to create a more powerful and impactful case—while helping organizations to unite around a goal, build bridges across programs and fundraising, and set an internal and donor standard for performance. When applied to the case for support, design thinking is the pathway to organizational growth and excellence.

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The Networked Nonprofit

Dr. Susan Raymond, Katherine Amore, and Marnie Hogue

The Networked Nonprofit constitutes any nonprofit with both central coordination and affiliated organizations. Changing Our World has written a new whitepaper to help address the Networked Nonprofit’s unique challenges in creating and managing fundraising and communications strategies so the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

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The 2016 Election and the Nonprofit Sector

Brian Crimmins and Dr. Susan Raymond

Whatever your politics, it was certainly a nail-biter of a night and an historic election.  Learn more about Changing Our World’s thoughts on the 2016 Presidential Election and the Nonprofit Sector. 

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Brexit: The Long and Bumpy Road Ahead

Dr. Susan Raymond

Britain will leave the European Union. This has already cost one job, Prime Minister Cameron’s.  But what does this mean for the American nonprofit sector?  What should you expect?


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Can Poverty Compete for Philanthropy?

Dr. Susan Raymond’s “Advancing Philanthropy article, Can Poverty Compete for Philanthropy?, helps us unpack how best to compete for impact-driven resources when your mission focuses on complex, long-term, poorly understood societal needs.


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The Glory of Philanthropy Stands Next to the Glory of the Gold

Dr. Susan Raymond and Edwin Platt

The Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games are upon us.  Learn how philanthropy plays a vital role to Team USA and how our citizen’s involvement help ensure our civil society. 


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Catholic Women in Philanthropy

Susan Raymond, Ph.D.

Women are at the forefront of one of the more significant shifts underway today. As an increasingly educated segment of the population, women now hold more degrees than men, and this growing educational capacity increasingly places women in control of wealth, assets, business strategy, and philanthropic leadership.


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Fundraising revenue diversification indicators: is your organization at risk?

Global oil prices demonstrate the need to diversify revenue.

As a nonprofit organization, volatile oil prices may seem like a strange argument for diversifying your revenue stream. Yet, if your organization is heavily dependent on one type of revenue or a small number of donors, your ability to serve the constituents who depend on your services may be at significant risk.

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Strategic Leadership: Leveraging Data for the Future of Catholic Development

Dr. Susan Raymond, Ph.D.

As the external philanthropic environment continues to evolve, often at a rapid pace, so too must the tactics and strategies of archdiocesan, diocesan and foundation development officers in order to fully realize the expectancy of a changing market. These changes are the results of demographic shifts in Catholic communities, increased competition for the philanthropic dollar and an overall change in the way people engage with, and ultimately decide, where to give their charitable donations. A new approach is required.

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Rethinking Philanthropy

These are days of innovation in social problem solving. A playing field that used to be dominated by traditional public charities funded by selfless gifts of largess working quietly has changed. There seem to be as many bankers as social workers on the playing field. Do you understand that field and the rules?

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Faith, Philanthropy, and the Future: An Original Study of Giving and Religious Institutions

We are an increasingly religiously diverse nation, with many intersections between religion and our commitment to community. Understanding how giving is spread across faith institutions, as well as nonprofits whose services may be non-religious, but whose affiliations are religious, will guide future understandings of how faith, philanthropy, and service to community intersect. The report examines how changes within the U.S. have affected religious giving and encourages further exploration and discussion in defining how this giving is measured.  Our findings provide a fuller picture of philanthropy in this sector, and help to inform funding strategy and tactics for religiously affiliated nonprofits.

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Innovation and Catholic Service to Community

This whitepaper on Catholic Innovation examines the scope of Catholic institutional presence on the societal commons of the United States and their economic importance.  The paper also documents the leadership of Catholic institutions in innovative areas of modern social finance, from enterprise to microfinance, which have both created new revenue opportunities for financing social services and broadened and strengthened the social reach of these institutions.

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The Rise of Online Higher Education: Institutional Advancement Implications and Imperatives

Findings from Changing Our World's 2013 Fellowship

Online learning and massive open online courses (“MOOCs”) are becoming increasingly popular, raising sector-wide questions about the ramifications of this digital trend. This report explores the issue through the lens of individual philanthropy and institutional advancement, and the possibilities and challenges presented.

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Sustaining Urban Catholic Elementary Schools: An Examination of Governance Models and Funding Strategies

By Erik P. Goldschmidt, Ph.D., M.Div., Mary E. Walsh, Ph.D.

Nearly half of Catholic elementary schools have closed in the United States since their peak in the 1960s. This alarming rate appears to be the result of increased cost of running a school. These challenges are compounded in the urban centers where families are unable to pay increasing tuition costs and parishes lack adequate resources to support a school.  This report examines the governance models and funding strategies currently in use by urban Catholic elementary schools.  The Catholic Alumni Partnership, a development program designed and implemented by Changing Our World, is featured in section 3.5.

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Different Faiths, Common Challenge: Maintaining the Affordability of a Faith-Based Education

The sustainability of religious private education is increasingly becoming a challenge in the United States due to factors including economic trends, growing competition, and the cost of private education. This whitepaper focuses on the financial affordability of both Jewish and Catholic private education, and the work being done in both communities to secure the future of their respective religious education systems. Featuring insight from Erik Goldschmidt of the Church in the 21st Century Center at Boston College and Dan Perla of the AVI CHAI Foundation, Changing Our World sets the groundwork for a continuous, meaningful conversation among the Jewish and Catholic communities regarding the challenges and potential solutions associated with the affordability of faith-based education.

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