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Understanding the Next Generation of Donors and How They Will Change The World

ONE HUNDRED and Changing Our World conducted a study to understand the ways in which millennials and Gen Zers engage with nonprofits, both overall and specifically in terms of monetary donations. The objectives were to identify ways to encourage this cohort to donate more money to nonprofits via specific language and communications methods and to develop next gen audience segments to identify who is most likely to donate. These next gen personas can be used by nonprofits to tailor messaging to distinct audiences, helping to ensure that messages resonate and more effectively drive engagement and donations. Download the full report and register for our webinar below.

Download the webinar recording here. 

An important message from Changing Our World

During this time of collective uncertainty, we are committed to drawing from the power of our people and our partnerships to share information and insights on how nonprofits and corporations can respond and lead through the challenging times we face.

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