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New York, New York

Brian Crimmins

As CEO of Changing Our World, Brian is responsible for the overall management, success and growth of our firm. Brian oversees all aspects of Changing Our World’s service lines, including Nonprofit Services, Corporate, Research & Analysis and Digital. Under Brian’s leadership, a team of consultants: partner with clients to ensure philanthropic goals are achieved; continue to grow our client base; nurture and develop junior staff; and, contribute to our mission of changing the world through the power of philanthropy.

Brian has extensive experience designing, building and managing the implementation of strategic initiatives that enable nonprofits and corporations to achieve their philanthropic goals. Prior to becoming CEO, Brian worked extensively with nonprofit organizations on improving internal management, capacity building and installing an array of innovative fundraising programs for mission-critical organizations across all sectors including relief and development, healthcare, human services, education and faith-based.

Notably, Brian was asked by Omnicom, Changing Our World’s parent company, to lead and execute a community engagement analysis to understand the community impact of 200+ agencies across the network. The goals are to provide agencies with the resources necessary to implement best-in-class community engagement programs for their respective firms, to enable each agency to measure its own impact in the community, to enable Omnicom to understand the impact of the agencies as a collective whole and to offer philanthropic advice and counsel to C-Suite executives within all participating agencies.

As a leader in the philanthropic sector, Brian is often called upon to speak, at conferences and workshops nationwide, regarding the philanthropic landscape and current trends in philanthropy. He also mentors students from Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business and speaks regularly at workshops at Boston College.

Brian holds a Bachelor of Science degree from St. John’s University and an MBA in marketing management from St. John’s Tobin School of Business. He also is a recent graduate of the Omnicom Advanced Management Program, a partnership between Harvard Business School and Babson College.


An important message from Changing Our World

During this time of collective uncertainty, we are committed to drawing from the power of our people and our partnerships to share information and insights on how nonprofits and corporations can respond and lead through the challenging times we face.

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