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We are fundraising experts who partner with our clients to help them strengthen revenue strategies, develop innovative partnerships and grow to meet the demands of our changing world. Rooted in a commitment to impassioned advocacy, our integrated services range from strategy to design and implementation to measurement and evaluation of results. We immerse ourselves to deeply understand the environment in which our clients operate, and to meet and exceed our clients’ fundraising goals.


Fundraising Programs

Our signature fundraising programs are designed around you and your needs, and include annual giving, major gifts, partnership development, audits, development plans, program design and implementation, and planned giving.

Campaign Services

We combine our decades of experience raising millions of dollars with our commitment to tailored strategies to design and implement capital campaigns, endowment campaigns, and feasibility and planning studies.


MG360 is Our Holistic Approach to Major Gifts Fundraising. Our approach empowers both program leaders and gift officers alike by designing and focusing on metrics that drive performance, not just activity, and clarifying expectations of all involved.

Capacity Building

Not only do we help you meet and exceed your goals, we leave your organization stronger and position you to continue driving results beyond one single engagement. Our offerings include strategic plans, prospect strategy, gift packaging, wealth screening, leadership development, and training and facilitation.

Emergency Services

Changing Our World knows that, in the midst of a crisis or unexpected change, there is a need to understand the full scope of the implications for one’s organization. Often there is a need to manage internal realignment, provide additional services in the face of an unprecedented situation and/or an urgent need to maintain operations and stabilize losses. Changing Our World provides our clients with a roadmap for how to get through the crisis and how leaders can begin to navigate to what’s next.


In an evolving global economy, we know one thing for sure: a growing expectation exists for the private sector to act as a force for public good. At Changing Our World, Corporate Social Engagement represents the ways in which a company engages with its employees, consumers, and communities to address vital social needs, business objectives and stakeholder expectations. We work with our clients to examine their current corporate citizenship strategies and determine how to better align their activities to meet their goals, and then we chart the next steps to get there. We seek to achieve results for our clients that reinforce their brand, create measurable social impact, build employee morale and connect them with consumers. Our team of strategic advisors can help your company translate business strategy into social impact.


Corporate Citizenship Strategy

We take a research-based approach to help you set and achieve tangible business and social goals for your program. From stakeholder interviews to competitor benchmarking to community needs analysis, our methodology convenes diverse perspectives to deliver an integrated, organized and implementable plan to take your corporate citizenship efforts to the next level.

Program Design and Implementation

We combine your social vision with your business objectives and unique company assets to develop programs of all sizes. Whether a small local initiative or an international signature program, we will lead you from guideline development and application creation to proposal review and partner selection.

Employee Engagement and Volunteerism

We design employee engagement programs that boost not only participation rates but also employee satisfaction, retention, and camaraderie. Our suite of employee engagement and volunteerism services includes: crafting full-scale volunteerism strategies, planning and managing signature and à la carte activities, crafting policies and procedures, developing board service and skills-based program components, and creating frameworks for tracking and measuring successes.

Cause-Related Marketing

We help our clients to align with a cause that is relevant and meaningful to the consumer and enables the brand to make a credible social impact. We develop strategic partnerships with nonprofit organizations that provide program and marketing assets, as well as assist in the development of activation efforts with both publicity and advertising teams.


We work with you to develop a customized performance assessment framework that integrates with your strategy at any stage of your program. We help you clearly envision the results you want to achieve and establish appropriate indicators to measure progress. The end result is the ability to demonstrate your ROI and tell a compelling impact story to key stakeholders.


Analytics are the core of our work; our strategies are built on evidence that reflects both current realities and changing tides, and our efforts are guided by a clear understanding of what success looks like for each of our clients. We use data to generate value by providing decision metrics that are the platform upon which strategies and action are built. Through our data-driven approach, we provide our clients with a comprehensive picture of their social and financial environments within the context of broader economic, demographic and philanthropic market trends.


Program Assessment and Landscape Analysis

Through a data-driven approach that includes interviews with organizational stakeholders, screenings of databases, and surveys of key audiences, we assess an organization’s current and future operating environment, and how likely changes will affect programs and service offerings. We also identify what is working well within an organization and what opportunities our clients have to address the obstacles they face.

Strategic and Business Planning

At the base of every successful organization is a solid strategy that leverages assets to benefit the community. We work with organizations to determine objectives for the future, combining the findings from our assessments of performance and market opportunities with our knowledge of industry best practices. We also define a clear and robust implementation plan, including decisions about program priorities, product development, organizational structures and revenue strategies.


Changing Our World is founding partner of ONE HUNDRED, an agency of best-in-class marketers and fundraisers who harness the power of communications to drive growth in all areas. ONE HUNDRED expertly does for the nonprofit world what advertisers do for the corporate. Through the power of our combined disciplines, we build the emotional connectivity that activates new donors and engages them with your cause.



We know from experience that a strong communications strategy can drive philanthropy. We also believe that fundraising and advancement must be aligned with an organization’s overall strategic plan and communications. We take a holistic approach that ties all elements of an organization’s audience outreach together in a strategic, compelling and relevant manner.


We provide marketing solutions with one goal in mind: maximizing impact. Our analytics and measurement teams analyze program outcomes to enable our clients to communicate their impact and continuously learn from program approaches.

Communications Innovation

Our communications experts develop campaigns that connect awareness to philanthropic action. We challenge conventional practices and provide our clients with innovative solutions that link communications and fundraising—and drive organizational performance.


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