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So, What Should We Do? | Essay 6

Over the past several months, we have offered a series of essays that have documented changes in the nonprofit environment. Many of us are experiencing that successful campaigns can no longer be premised simply on need and that cases are no longer as effective when they assume that support will flow from a statement of that need, however elegant the prose. Indeed, the concept of a campaign itself, as a fundraising point in time, is quickly evolving. So, for all those words and all those pages, what are the key takeaways?  As a sector, what should we do, if we do nothing else? In our final essay in the series, we explore what we believe should be a nonprofit’s top priorities in today’s fundraising climate.

An important message from Changing Our World

During this time of collective uncertainty, we are committed to drawing from the power of our people and our partnerships to share information and insights on how nonprofits and corporations can respond and lead through the challenging times we face.

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