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The Authenticity Opportunity – Substance Over Splash in Corporate Citizenship

In 2018, Changing Our World conducted a study of Americans aged 18-65 to explore people’s perceptions of and expectations for authenticity in corporate citizenship. The findings show that consumers and employees expect companies to act responsibly and invest in building a better world, yet they are skeptical that companies actually do what they say. People are savvy when it comes to corporate citizenship – they recognize inauthentic efforts and punish companies for them, but conversely, they reward companies that they believe are genuinely committed to making a difference. This is the authenticity opportunity. 


Download the report to learn more about Americans’ demand for authenticity, gender and age preferences, and the key attributes of authentic corporate citizenship that they all agree on.

Key findings include:

  • 75% of people think companies are more talk than action when it comes to supporting social issues, at least some of the time
  • 69% of people are more likely to endorse a company they believe it is genuinely committed to making a difference in society
  • 67% of people will speak out against a company they feel is inauthentic in its citizenship claims
  • Women reward companies for authenticity and punish them for inauthenticity more than men
  • Younger generations are more likely to consider a company’s social commitments when searching for a job
  • Everyone agrees on four key factors that contribute to authentic citizenship efforts

Changing Our World will be hosting a webinar to discuss the research findings and practical application of lessons learned on November 14, 2018 at 1pm ET.

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Download The Authenticity Opportunity